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Summer Camps

A magic show is the perfect addition to any summer camp program, offering a blend of entertainment and enrichment that appeals to campers of all ages. I bring my unique blend of skill and passion for magic to create an experience that campers will remember.  My goal is not only to dazzle campers but also to inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.  My interactive magic show encourages campers to participate, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.   My magic shows are not just about tricks; they're about instilling a sense of wonder and possibility in every camper, encouraging them to believe in the magic of their own potential. By hiring me for a summer camp, you can rest assured that you not getting a magician to fool them but one who inspires them.



I was looking for someone with experience who not only enjoys performing but will have fun with the kids, and Kirby exceeded all those expectations.  The kids were engaged in the show, and he kept everyone entertained with laughter and amazement the entire time.  Thank you Kirby for a fantastic performance!"

kirby the magician performs a trick while a camper assists him
kirby the magician performs a trick with the help of a summer camper
kirby the magician performs a rope trick at a summer camp


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Hiring me to perform at a summer camp is a fantastic decision that will bring an extra layer of excitement and engagement for the campers. Magic uniquely captures the imagination of audiences of all ages, and my performances are carefully crafted to enchant and delight young campers. My shows are interactive, where children are not merely spectators but participants, often invited to assist in tricks or solve magical mysteries. This kind of involvement boosts their confidence and fosters a sense of community as they share in the awe and surprise of each trick.

Furthermore, my presence at a summer camp adds a creative and educational dimension to the entertainment. Magic encourages critical thinking and curiosity as the children ponder the secrets behind the illusions. In the relaxed and fun environment of a summer camp, my magic shows offer both entertainment and a learning experience that enriches the camp's program, ensuring an unforgettable summer for all attendees.

4101 Innovator Dr.

Sacramento CA 95834

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