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Magician for Seniors

From lively retirement communities to nurturing assisted living centers, I tailor my performances to align with the distinct tastes and age ranges of each audience.  My goal is to ignite minds with wonder and stir hearts with joy. Whether it's infusing a touch of magic into your holiday gatherings—be it Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day Luncheon, Halloween, or Christmas magic show —I specialize in crafting enchantment for every occasion.

Why settle for the mundane when you can revel in the extraordinary? Secure your booking now and anticipate an unforgettable celebration filled with enchantment and delight."

kirby the magician perforing magic for seniors


"Kirby wowed everyone in the room with his magical tricks. We had ages 2-83 and everything in between and they all walked away amazed and delighted. We will absolutely be looking forward to the next time we can invite Kirby back to entertain us"

magician, kirby romine, before the show
kirby the magician peforms a trick with two senior volunteers
kirby the magician showing a large scarf with a rabbit and hat pictured on it


Reach out and book

Hiring me to perform magic for seniors during holidays and various occasions is a brilliant choice that promises to bring joy, wonder, and a touch of nostalgia to any gathering.  Magic, with its universal appeal, transcends age and time, making it perfect for seniors who appreciate the thrill of illusion and the fun of a live performance.  My magic shows are specifically tailored to engage my audience in an interactive, charming, and gentle manner, which is ideal for seniors.  My performances are not just about tricks and illusions; they are about creating moments of joy and wonder that are engaging and comfortable for older adults.

Moreover, my ability to adapt my shows to fit any holiday or occasion makes me a versatile entertainer who can enhance the festive spirit of any event. Whether it’s a Christmas gathering, a Fourth of July celebration, or a casual get-together, my performances are designed to spark conversations and smiles among guests. My professional demeanor and warm, engaging style leave a lasting impression, making each event memorable. By choosing me to entertain, you ensure that every senior present feels included and valued, turning a simple holiday or occasion into a truly magical experience.

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4101 Innovator Dr.

Sacramento CA 95834

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