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Maximize the Magic: Essential Tips for Hosting Sacramento Magician Kirby Romine at Your Kid's Birthday Party Near You"

Updated: Apr 28

Congratulations, You found a kids birthday party magician near you, and it's Kirby Romine!

You've also sent out the invitations, carefully selected the decorations, and ordered the perfect cake. But now, you find yourself wondering, "What's next?"

Here are Some Essential Tips to Elevate Kirby's Magic Show to Legendary Status for Your Child and Their Guests

a colorful ticket to a magic show
a colorful ticket to a circus

Kirby brings over four decades of expertise to children's parties, transforming them with the enchantment of magic. By hiring an award-winning magician like Kirby, you've already set the stage for an extraordinary event. However, with a bit of preparation, you can ensure the day is even more spectacular.

A Week Leading Up to the Party

1. Dive into the Magical World Together: Enhance the anticipation by exploring with your child. Watching Kirby in action not only builds excitement but also familiarizes your child with Kirby’s friendly face and captivating tricks. This approach is especially beneficial for shy children, making the magic show feel like a visit from a new friend rather than a stranger. Rest assured, all content is family-friendly and perfectly safe for children.

smiling boy posing in magician's hat and wand

2. Prepare Your Child for a Special Role: Let your child know they might have the opportunity to be Kirby's assistant or participate in a trick. The magic show is designed to spotlight your child, ensuring they feel truly celebrated. If your child is on the shy side, don't worry—Kirby has numerous ways to involve them without causing discomfort.

Before the Show

3. Optimize Your Indoor Party Space: Kirby recommends clearing an 8x8 feet area for the performance. Positioning Kirby against a wall minimizes distractions and ensures all eyes are on the magic. Avoid placing the magician in front of windows or pathways to keep external distractions to a minimum.

4. Select the Ideal Outdoor Venue: If you're hosting the party outdoors, scouting the perfect spot is crucial. A shaded area under a tree is ideal to keep the young audience comfortable and focused on the magic, not the sun.

4 kids enjoying birthday party in a park

5. Minimize Distractions: Keeping distractions at bay helps maintain the magic of the moment. This means putting away toys and saving party favors for later. Ensuring the children's hands are free allows them to fully engage with the show through clapping and pointing.

6. Food and Party Favors: Hold off on serving food or handing out noisemakers until after the show. This helps keep the focus on Kirby’s performance. Party favors can be given as the children leave, serving as a wonderful reminder of the magical day.

7. Pause Other Activities: If you have a bouncy house or other activities planned, consider pausing them during the show. This prevents background noise from overshadowing the performance and ensures all attention is on the magic.

During the Show

8. Supervise Young Attendees: It's natural for little ones to wander. If they do, gently guide them back to the audience area. Kirby's focus will be on delivering an engaging performance, so a little help with crowd control is always appreciated.

young family enjoying magic show in their living room

9. Participate and Enjoy: Watching the show alongside the children allows you to experience the magic through their eyes. Encourage applause and laughter, creating a shared experience that will be remembered fondly.

End Note

Preparation is key to a memorable celebration. By booking Kirby Romine, you've already taken a significant step towards an unforgettable party. Remember to capture the magic with photos and videos—these moments are indeed priceless.

Additional Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

10. Create a Magic-Themed Atmosphere: Enhance the environment with magic-themed decorations. Think hats, wands, and mystical creatures to immerse everyone in the world of magic before Kirby even starts his performance.

11. Dress Code: Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite magical characters. This not only adds to the excitement but also makes for fantastic photo opportunities.

12. Magic Pre-Activities: Consider setting up a simple craft station where kids can make their own magic wands or hats prior to the show. This activity not only keeps them engaged but also helps build anticipation for the main event.

13. Special Magic Invitations: If you haven’t sent out your invitations yet, consider creating magic-themed invites that hint at the wonders to come. Use phrases like "You're invited to a magical celebration" or "Prepare to be amazed."

14. Set Up a ‘Magic Potion’ Refreshment Stand: After the show, a stand with 'magic potions' (colorful drinks) can be a fun way for the kids to wind down. Use dry ice for a mystifying effect (with adult supervision, of course).

15. Magical Parting Gifts: In addition to traditional party favors, consider giving each child a small magic trick they can perform at home. This keeps the magic alive long after the party has ended.

By incorporating these additional elements, you elevate the experience from a simple magic show to a comprehensive magical journey. Each detail, from the pre-party preparations to the final act of sending the children home with a piece of magic, contributes to a day filled with wonder, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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